puffles are fun, cute, lovable, little pets to have around but you have to know how to take care of them or they will run away!

puffle video! if you watch close you can see a white puffle! this was before the white puffles came out during the puffle party

watch in high quality please :)


this is the newst puffle in club penguin so far. no one knows where it came from. we only know that it really like to play in snow and ice!


Puffles need lots of attention so if your the kind of penguin who likes to party every night then puffles aren't right for you try a fish, turtle, or bird. puffles love to play and go for walks you can take them anywhere with you! always remember to feed your puffle and give it baths. you can buy puffle furniture at the pet shop so your puffles dont get board when your away. dont get too many puffles at once because they can be really hard to take care of and might run away. for more on puffles go to club penguin, in the pet shop, and read about puffles.