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Blackpappy(robber)-this is my 10th video and we have so much fun on the set. its really great to work with all my friends. i cant wait for the next movie! its been really fun working with Molly Brown1 and Hillybob 349.

Molly Brown1(scared girl & back up agent)- this is my 8th video that iv been in with Blackpappy. the movie came out great and im really happy to be working with Blackpappy again because he is really awesome and so calm when things so wrong or when someone messes up there lines...(me) heh... i did mess up in the vid because people where blocking the camera and i said "MOVE WE ARE RECORDING" or something... anyway it was really fun and i cant wait for the next one.

Hillybob 349(agent)- this is my first movie but i think i did good...  considering Blackpappy beat me up haha...
i mean some things went wrong but we toughed it out (i mean i called for back up but you would do the same if u got hit with a hammer!) Molly messed up her lines... but other then that i think the movie came out great!


more movies. some are made by us and some aren't... but they are all still awesome!